1. We changed the world of IT once, but can we change it again? Once a year encourages all of its employees to hash out ideas on what the “next big thing” is – via an epic, company-wide hackathon: .

  2. One million IOPS in one VM? Eureka! We've got it. . (Incidentally, a single virtual machine can achieve 1 million 8k random read IOPS and >8GBps throughput on AHV. And... 0.11ms latency.) Questions? We can tag in .

  3. Building things is important. Helping high school students build robots is doubly so. .

  4. Sometimes its hard to visualize the relationship between software, hardware and hypervisor components. That's why our own Artur Krzywdzinski made some Visio diagrams to help lay things out: .

  5. Do you even Brewtanix? It's a perfect time to start. Sometimes we visit cities all over the world, bringing beer and good cheer. Stay tuned to find out if one will pop up in your area.

  6. Got brick? We can help you find a new use for that legacy hardware. Like using it to spin up the latest in software-defined storage.