Listing A

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<!DOCTYPE letter SYSTEM 'ltr_editor.ptp'>
<!-- @(#)Billing_Breakdown.ltr  1.11 03/25/2002 -->
RE: <b>Account <text label="Acct Tel Nbr" name="acct_nbr" /></b>
Dear <text maxlength="40" label="Salutation" />:
Thank you for your recent inquiry about your directory advertising.
In response to your request, here is a complete listing of all of the
irectory advertising charges that we are billing to your account number
<i><repeat name="acct_nbr" /></i>).
<tt>    DIRECTORY                ISSUE    MONTHLY AMOUNT<br/>
<table maxlength="19">
    <text valid="dir_code" label="Directory" />
    <text valid="issue" label="Issue" />
    <text valid="money" maxlength="11" label="Monthly Amount" /><br/>
We value your patronage. If you know of any other way we can be of better service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.